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The Making of a Super Power

When Ariane and Jason first invited me to their Montreal Condo to discuss their wedding video they  had a few specific requests: they wanted a beautiful video that told an accurate story, they wanted us to use Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory (the version played on the Howard Stern Show), and they wanted lots of natural footage of their ‘superpower’ daughter, Maddy. All challenges that we were looking forward to, but confident they were easy to accomplish. ‘Superpower’ is how Jason described Maddy in his Big Bang Theory Speech(inside joke) he gave during the reception. She’s beautiful, curious, smart, and very confident, he said, and  she isn’t afraid of anything. We think we know why she is such a superpower. Before Maddy began her speech she turned to Ariane and Jason and asked: what should I say? “Anything you want,” they replied with an encouraging smile. That speech rocked the house and made the video particularly fun to edit, for us.

This video is something you will have to watch to the end, to fully appreciate it. It builds and gets deeper with every second, and  according to Jason, people can’t help but get emotional when watching it. Why? We’re not sure, but we know couldn’t help but feel the emotions when editing it. We will take some credit for the shots we captured and the flow of the edit, but most of the credit, of course, goes to Ariane, Jason and Maddy. I think we could make a full movie with Ariane’s eyes alone. We particularly love the shots of when she was getting ready in the morning of her wedding. You can actually feel the tender look she gives Maddy, as she applies mascara to her little girl’s tearing eyes.  Jason, on the other hand, had a rather active morning cutting wood, taking the boat out for speed rush, and jumping on a big balloon raft shooting a friend up in the air and into the water. The contrast was amazing and fitting and we were glad to have filmed it.

Ariane, Jason and Maddy were welcoming, agreeable and fun to be around. We were not able to include much of the party (which was wild) in this short movie,  but we did include it in the longer version and are now preparing a short party clip that we might be releasing soon. So be sure to stay tuned. Ariane and Jason are both surfers, so you don’t want to  miss them riding a jumping table that is tossed up in the air. We’re serious. ; )





A few more details about the wedding that left an impression on us.

The ceremony and reception was held at:

Club de golf de Val-Morin
4500, 5e Avenue
Val-Morin (Québec) J0T 2R0

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