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Montreal Indian Wedding – Sue and Arif –


The images were so beautiful, the warmth of the couple made editing a pleasure, and the lighting and colour were inspiring. In fact, everything seemed almost too perfect.

Sue and Arif’s wedding unfolded in parts. The first two ceremonies were held on a Friday evening in Brossard, and they were definitely entertaining. Henna, gifts, old rituals, eggs crash over Arif, tiny feet run across the hall, stick dance. The whole evening was a rhythmic beat, as everything seemed to happen at the same time.

The amazing outfits, traditional dances and beautiful smiles continued on Saturday. As Arif and Sukayna walked across the cobble-stoned streets of Old Montreal, their whole morning kept flashing back in my mind. I really love the silhouette images of Sukayna’s friends and family circling coins over her head. The house was crowded and the mood was rich. Arif’s morning preparations were also great to film. Water runs into the sink and Arif washes up. How can we not add that (in the edit) after a syrup and egg drenched sequence? It worked out a little too well.

There really was so much going on between the two days that putting everything together in an aesthetically rich fun-to-watch five minute video required quite a bit of thought. But we think finally got it and would love to hear your thoughts.


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