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Take You Higher – Séverine and Jean-Nicolas – Montreal Wedding Video

Montreal Wedding Cinema produced by CocoFilms Studio.

Take It Higher - Montreal Wedding Video - Séverine + Jean-Nicolas
We had to film these two amazing animals spending a moment together, in what appeared to be absolute love. They wouldn't leave each other's side and we're glad we got a glimpse of it on camera.

Horses, cattle, open sky, a newly constructed chalet hidden behind ancient trees, lost in a modern tale of love, light and likely paths. I know that sounds a little abstract, but that is something like the way I felt as we made our way up the unpaved road to begin filming Séverine’s morning preparations. As a city guy, I can’t help but be inspired by remote country hideouts, and as a creative old soul, I can’t escape the abstract beauty in personal stories. Severine and Jean-Nicolas’ story was oozing with beauty.  We did our best to capturing some of that in this short clip and I think we were fairly successful .

 Take You Higher – Séverine and Jean-Nicolas 

Another important note I think I should add is that it is vital for filmmakers to be paired up with creative photographers. The brilliant photographers we paired up with in this wedding were from Avant Garde Studio in Montreal. You can see their stuff here:

Séverine preparations took place in  Lac Brome.
Jean-Nicolas got ready in Hôtel le Pleasant.
The ceremony was held in St Andre’s First Church, Église St-André: 89A, rue Principale Nord, Sutton.
The Reception  was held at Tomali-Maniatyn: 377 chemin Maple, Sutton.

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