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New Soul – Cynthia and Dominic – Montreal Wedding Videographer


Montreal wedding Videography produced by CocoFilms Studio.

Cynthia and Dominic - Montreal Wedding Videographer
Cynthia and Dominic – Montreal Wedding Videographer

Cynthia and Dominic’s wedding day was an intimate, classy, and rich experience. One thing that really stuck out with me was that the bride actually walked to the chapel. Very beautiful. The church was at the corner of Graham Blvd., in the Town of Mount Royal. As we were all following the bride to the alter, I could hear certain family members signing, “Going To The Chapel Of Love By: The Dixie Cups.” Really set the mood. Another thing that got imprinted in my memory, forever, and I’m really glad we caught it on camera, was the bond between these two adorable kids in the image on the right. We focused on them quite a bit on the Short Theatrical Movie, but we also included clips of them here in this trailer. Watch and please feel free to leave a comment.

The reception was at Château Vaudreuil.

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