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Guljan and Alexandre – Montreal Wedding Video

MONTREAL WEDDING VIDEO- Guljan and Alexandre
Guljan and Alexandre - Montreal wedding video

Guljan and Alexandre – Montreal Wedding Video

Armed with our DSLRs and curious eyes, we arrived at Guljan and Alex’s pad early Saturday morning to find gorgeous henna, an adorable cat and an amazing view. Great way to start a session, for sure. We had already met with Guljan and Alex and we knew quite a bit about what we could expect and we were excited to be filming their wedding, but when the wedding day comes, we are almost always taken by the unexpected. We’ve been filming weddings in Montreal for about 5 years, but this was the first time we have been lucky enough to film a Pakistani wedding. As you can expect, there were a few pleasant surprises. Filming a Pakistani wedding we thought was inspiring enough, but then Guljan started to put together her wedding dress and Alex pulled out his guitar. Amazing!

Guljan and Alexandre – Montreal Wedding Video

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