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Flawn – Fashion Show in Old Montreal

Flawn - Fashion Show in Old Montreal
Preparations before the models hit the stage.

Old Montreal in late autumn is a gothic place with very little happening. That’s the impression I have always had growing up in the city. But that changed the day after my  20th birthday, when a friend invited me to a party in a dark, old loft. We had turned the corner into a narrow cobble stoned street and walked up the cranky steps to my dream apartment. Portishead’s Glory Box filed the air, a projector showcasing flower animation lit the profiles of the group drinking on the red swede sofa. I was inspired.

Every since then I have always had a fascination with parties and events in Old Montreal. So you can imagine how happy I was to film this Fashion Show on Saint Jacque street. We were three cameramen with two dslrs and a Sony (the dslrs were the art cameras and the sony the workhorse). The objective was to give the designer a short showcase piece she can use to promote her event (and clothing line) online, and a long version on a DVD to play on her storefront to showcase her event (and clothing line) to pedestrian traffic.


Produced by Coco Films Studio. Contact us if you would like to find out more on our approach to Montreal Video Production for commercial purposes.


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