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The Making of a Super Power

Ariane applying a touch of mascara before the wedding ceremony   - Montreal wedding video produced by CocoFilms

Ariane applying a touch of mascara before the wedding ceremony.

When Ariane and Jason first invited me to their Montreal Condo to discuss their wedding video they  had a few specific requests: they wanted a beautiful video that told an accurate story, they wanted us to use Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory (the version played on the Howard Stern Show), and they wanted lots of natural footage of their ‘superpower’ daughter, Maddy. All challenges that we were looking forward to, but confident they were easy to accomplish. ‘Superpower’ is how Jason described Maddy in his Big Bang Theory Speech(inside joke) he gave during the reception. She’s beautiful, curious, smart, and very confident, he said, and  she isn’t afraid of anything. We think we know why she is such a superpower. Before Maddy began her speech she turned to Ariane and Jason and asked: what should I say? “Anything you want,” they replied with an encouraging smile. That speech rocked the house and made the video particularly fun to edit, for us.

This video is something you will have to watch to the end, to fully appreciate it. It builds and gets deeper with every second, and  according to Jason, people can’t help but get emotional when watching it. Why? We’re not sure, but we know couldn’t help but feel the emotions when editing it. We will take some credit for the shots we captured and the flow of the edit, but most of the credit, of course, goes to Ariane, Jason and Maddy. I think we could make a full movie with Ariane’s eyes alone. We particularly love the shots of when she was getting ready in the morning of her wedding. You can actually feel the tender look she gives Maddy, as she applies mascara to her little girl’s tearing eyes.  Jason, on the other hand, had a rather active morning cutting wood, taking the boat out for speed rush, and jumping on a big balloon raft shooting a friend up in the air and into the water. The contrast was amazing and fitting and we were glad to have filmed it.

Ariane, Jason and Maddy were welcoming, agreeable and fun to be around. We were not able to include much of the party (which was wild) in this short movie,  but we did include it in the longer version and are now preparing a short party clip that we might be releasing soon. So be sure to stay tuned. Ariane and Jason are both surfers, so you don’t want to  miss them riding a jumping table that is tossed up in the air. We’re serious. ; )



A few more details about the wedding that left an impression on us.

The ceremony and reception was held at:

Club de golf de Val-Morin
4500, 5e Avenue
Val-Morin (Québec) J0T 2R0



For Your Love – CocoFilms – Montreal Wedding Video

Just can’t get enough of this video. That’s when we know we’ve done a decent job…when after countless hours of editing, we still go back to watch the video on YouTube. So we know every millisecond of footage and derive much pleasure out of the smallest details. Notice Joven’s face right after he put the flowers around Sam’s neck (1:13). I can’t really explain it, but it’s just amazing to witness. As you may have noticed this trailer is about a little more than the wedding day…it’s about the couple and their chemistry. In many of our videos we try to add several layers of footage to get to the deeper story. It’s harder to edit, but we think it often turns out pretty cool. On another note, we want to send out lots of love to Sam, Joven and their new beautiful baby boy. Congratulations guys! ; )



Montreal Indian Wedding – Sue and Arif –


Montreal Indian Wedding - CocoFilms Studio

Arif and Sukayna in Old Montreal

The images were so beautiful, the warmth of the couple made editing a pleasure, and the lighting and colour were inspiring. In fact, everything seemed almost too perfect.

Sue and Arif’s wedding unfolded in parts. The first two ceremonies were held on a Friday evening in Brossard, and they were definitely entertaining. Henna, gifts, old rituals, eggs crash over Arif, tiny feet run across the hall, stick dance. The whole evening was a rhythmic beat, as everything seemed to happen at the same time.

The amazing outfits, traditional dances and beautiful smiles continued on Saturday. As Arif and Sukayna walked across the cobble-stoned streets of Old Montreal, their whole morning kept flashing back in my mind. I really love the silhouette images of Sukayna’s friends and family circling coins over her head. The house was crowded and the mood was rich. Arif’s morning preparations were also great to film. Water runs into the sink and Arif washes up. How can we not add that (in the edit) after a syrup and egg drenched sequence? It worked out a little too well.

There really was so much going on between the two days that putting everything together in an aesthetically rich fun-to-watch five minute video required quite a bit of thought. But we think finally got it and would love to hear your thoughts.



Back To You – Montreal Wedding – CocoFilms

Back To You – CocoFilms – Montreal Wedding Video

One of the first things we noticed when we walked into Ilona and Felice’s Laval condo, to film the casual session, was a warm glow radiating through eight-or-so large windows in the living room. It hugged their silhouettes as they strutted across the floor and it was enriching, inspiring and natural. Hands clutched, bodies pressed close together…Now, I know finally, I’ve never been alone. We immediately knew that we would  incorporate that scene into the Theatrical Short Movie. It had certain symbolic depth, a beautiful hidden a layer we were immediately drawn to. We loved the idea that this whole day was an emotional melody, a dance.

There were a lot of  amazing elements to Ilona and Felice’s wedding. As you watch the clip, I think you can get a sense of how much work and love was put into this wedding. And, I hope you can also see how much work and love was put into this video. Please feel free to comment, we’d love to hear from you.

The always inspiring photographers were from Avant Garde Studio. You can see their stuff here:

Back To You - Montreal Wedding - CocoFilms Studio

Montreal Wedding - Outside Le Mirage Golf Course just before heading into the Reception

Here are some other details about the day.

The reception was at Le Mirage Golf Course:
3737, ch Martin, Terrebonne, QC J6X 0B2, Canada
(450) 477-7280

The super fun DJ/Animator were from K.O. Entertainment.

Back To You – CocoFilms StudioMontreal Wedding Video

For more on what we have been up to, check out our
Facebook Page and Twitter Account at:

Take You Higher – Séverine and Jean-Nicolas – Montreal Wedding Video

Montreal Wedding Cinema produced by CocoFilms Studio.

Take It Higher - Montreal Wedding Video - Séverine + Jean-Nicolas

We had to film these two amazing animals spending a moment together, in what appeared to be absolute love. They wouldn't leave each other's side and we're glad we got a glimpse of it on camera.

Horses, cattle, open sky, a newly constructed chalet hidden behind ancient trees, lost in a modern tale of love, light and likely paths. I know that sounds a little abstract, but that is something like the way I felt as we made our way up the unpaved road to begin filming Séverine’s morning preparations. As a city guy, I can’t help but be inspired by remote country hideouts, and as a creative old soul, I can’t escape the abstract beauty in personal stories. Severine and Jean-Nicolas’ story was oozing with beauty.  We did our best to capturing some of that in this short clip and I think we were fairly successful .

 Take You Higher – Séverine and Jean-Nicolas 

Another important note I think I should add is that it is vital for filmmakers to be paired up with creative photographers. The brilliant photographers we paired up with in this wedding were from Avant Garde Studio in Montreal. You can see their stuff here:

Séverine preparations took place in  Lac Brome.
Jean-Nicolas got ready in Hôtel le Pleasant.
The ceremony was held in St Andre’s First Church, Église St-André: 89A, rue Principale Nord, Sutton.
The Reception  was held at Tomali-Maniatyn: 377 chemin Maple, Sutton.

New Soul – Cynthia and Dominic – Montreal Wedding Videographer


Montreal wedding Videography produced by CocoFilms Studio.

Cynthia and Dominic - Montreal Wedding Videographer
Cynthia and Dominic – Montreal Wedding Videographer

Cynthia and Dominic’s wedding day was an intimate, classy, and rich experience. One thing that really stuck out with me was that the bride actually walked to the chapel. Very beautiful. The church was at the corner of Graham Blvd., in the Town of Mount Royal. As we were all following the bride to the alter, I could hear certain family members signing, “Going To The Chapel Of Love By: The Dixie Cups.” Really set the mood. Another thing that got imprinted in my memory, forever, and I’m really glad we caught it on camera, was the bond between these two adorable kids in the image on the right. We focused on them quite a bit on the Short Theatrical Movie, but we also included clips of them here in this trailer. Watch and please feel free to leave a comment.

The reception was at Château Vaudreuil.

Click here for more on CocoFilms Studio Montreal Wedding Videographer.

Jessica and Jackson – Montreal Wedding Videography

Jessica and Jackson – Montreal Wedding Videography –

Jessica and Jackson - Montreal Wedding Videography

Jessica and Jackson - Montreal Wedding Videography

From really early in the morning we all knew how this video would turn out. It’s not everyday that we see a groom with his groomsmen march out of their hotel room to woof down a few hot dogs at the Orange Julep. It really was beautiful. And I’m not just saying this because the crew also got to chow down. ; )  We fundamentally believe that anything out of the ordinary helps personalize events and makes them more memorable.

After about an hour with Jackson and the crew, we set of to meet Jessica at her parents’ place. The house was packed with friends and relatives, overflowing with great energy and full of interesting details. What else can a wedding videographer ask for? Well, there might be one more thing. As wedding filmmakers, we are always looking for the beauty and uniqueness in every couple’s connection, their story. It’s always there and often revealed in interesting ways. In a smile, a caress, a look. Jessica and Jackson made that really easy to spot. If you watch the video, I think you will see how much we enjoyed filming and editing this one.  Thanks guys!

Jessica and Jackson – Montreal Wedding Videography –

La VIA e bella – Part 1

La VIA e bella – Part 1



Loved making this! The idea: two young artists discovering themselves as they cross Canada by train. For us, this would mean lots of great travel, interesting people and awesome food. The final word is still not in, but we won’t be going into full production anytime soon, so we figured we’d share it while we wait. One of the best things about this series is that we would be working with two brilliant artists: Sandrine Allard Perso and Dany Boudreault. They that have a regular show every Wednesday on TVA called Destiny.

In this first part we wanted to find out a little bit of the who, what, when, where, why and how of the story. The mood was automatic and our approach was documentary. We just shot what we saw. Granted, seeing is one of the most important aspects of documentary filmmaking.

VIA Rail Project – Montreal – Part 1

La VIA e bella – Part 2 – Cross Canada Tour Via Rail

La VIA e bella – Part 2



This is the second part of what is to be a 30 part series. Here we wanted to capture the excitement and beauty that is travel: getting to the train station, meeting your friends, eating junk food, staring out into the roaming farmland. For us, getting there is always one of the best parts of any trip and we wanted to devote a short clip to the start of our travels. Throughout the rest of the series, we plan on exploring several interesting aspects of Canada; ones that are infamous and others that are not so well known. The Albertan Oil Sands, the Niagara Falls, and the Rocky Mountains will all surely be on the destination checklist, but so will hidden vineyards, remote rural communities, and aging fishing ships. All this by train.  This means, comfortable seats, room to move around, a café on board, and big windows to relish the beautiful view.

VIA Rail Project – Montreal to Toronto – Part 2

Montreal Creative Documentary Produced by

Flawn – Fashion Show in Old Montreal

Flawn - Fashion Show in Old Montreal

Preparations before the models hit the stage.

Old Montreal in late autumn is a gothic place with very little happening. That’s the impression I have always had growing up in the city. But that changed the day after my  20th birthday, when a friend invited me to a party in a dark, old loft. We had turned the corner into a narrow cobble stoned street and walked up the cranky steps to my dream apartment. Portishead’s Glory Box filed the air, a projector showcasing flower animation lit the profiles of the group drinking on the red swede sofa. I was inspired.

Every since then I have always had a fascination with parties and events in Old Montreal. So you can imagine how happy I was to film this Fashion Show on Saint Jacque street. We were three cameramen with two dslrs and a Sony (the dslrs were the art cameras and the sony the workhorse). The objective was to give the designer a short showcase piece she can use to promote her event (and clothing line) online, and a long version on a DVD to play on her storefront to showcase her event (and clothing line) to pedestrian traffic.


Produced by Coco Films Studio. Contact us if you would like to find out more on our approach to Montreal Video Production for commercial purposes.

Ventolin Y Atrovent